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3 Steps in Pet Brand Building

So you are in the beginning stages of your brand development and want to know what steps to follow? We break it down for you so it’s an easy checklist to follow and not miss any important details. Start creating powerful content to form your brand.

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1. Define your Brand

Every national known brand all have one thing in common: they understood how to emotionally connect with their consumers. Think back to when you saw a very relatable commercial that inspired you to buy the product because you connected to the message. This is what make brands; the customers’ perception and association to your brand. It may seem a little daunting to do, but we at StreetDog can help you with this! We are a boutique agency that specializes in pet branding and can help you define a unique brand and create content that supports it.

2. Start off with the basics

Now that you have your brand, it’s time to create marketing material! These are what we consider as the must-haves:

  • Product Photography: You need your product to look professional. No exceptions. It is crucial to have high quality images so your customers know exactly what they’re buying.
  • Lifestyle Photography: When these photos are done right, they can effectively tell the story behind your brand. They bring your products to life and helps the customer visualize owning your products.
  • Print Material: Can your products be found in stores or local markets? Do you want to send something personal to potential customers in the mail? Whether you want to create a more personal touch to your brand awareness strategy or include discount inserts to purchases, you will need to have print material handy.
  • Social Media: Showcase all of your great lifestyle photographs and tell a story through your social media channels. Social media is a great way to closer engage with your customers and humanize your brand. Channels we see the most engagement and conversion over to online stores is through Instagram and Facebook. Give these 2 channels a try before taking on more.
  • Email Marketing: Once you have a following or have a collection of email subscribers, email marketing can be very powerful to keep your products relevant throughout your customers’ busy day. Some best practices are to keep your emails short and purposeful. No one likes being spammed with emails everyday.
  • Blogging for Business: Maintaining a blog is a great way to make your website more findable and searchable.
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3) Take it to the Next Level

Wouldn’t it be great to automate your social media posts and have your shop updated with the new collection with ease? StreetDog has you covered. We can save you time by managing your digital touchpoints and event planning.

Email us for a free consultation, and to find out how StreetDog Marketing Inc. can help grow your pet business.

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