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A website is still critical in the social media age

A website is still critical in the social media age

In an era where social media use is growing at an astounding 12%, with more than 4 billion people active on social media platforms, are websites still relevant? 84% of customers view a website as more credible than only having a social media presence.

Although it is essential for most businesses to have an active social media presence, a website represents core capabilities that social cannot replace. Your website remains one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available to you.

Your website should be the first piece of your digital presence. More than 50% of customers expect any brand or business to have an up-to-date, easy-to-find website.

A well-designed website can function as a 24/7 sales team, your front desk, and the first impression of your brand or service. Your website is also your showcase, an opportunity to share your products with the entire world.

A Professional First Impression
First impressions count! Visiting your website will be the first step in your customers’ decision to work with your company. Your website can also host valuable content like tips, blog columns, FAQs, etc.

Capturing Potential Customers
Not having a website means missing out on business opportunities. Window shopping no longer means strolling down Main street checking out shops you might want to go into – today’s window shopping is scrolling through websites to decide if the business or product is the right fit.

Having the right photos is key to capturing attention. Strong images and compelling content will make your brand and business stand out. When customers are on your website, you have a captive audience who is interested in your business. It is imperative that you keep your website up to date and relevant!

Drive Sales
Clear, strategic, and compelling calls to action can help grow your business and generate online sales. By having a simple way for clients to shop online, you can be driving sales beyond your local market.

Accessible Information
A robust website is particularly crucial for small businesses. Rather than waiting for a social response to a question, your potential customers can seek out the information they need any time, day or night.

Communicate Your Brand Values
Your style elements, written philosophy, background information, and brand images will contribute to your brand values.

Google Presence
A well-designed website with strategic SEO can increase your visibility in search results. This increased exposure will help reach new customers.

Your website adds to the credibility of your business. You can highlight positive reviews and customer experiences, adding to the confidence of potential customers.

Having a website is essential as more consumers seek online shopping options. The team at StreetDog Marketing can help you design a website that will drive your business and engage potential customers. Talk to the team today about this cornerstone of your digital presence.
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