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Pet Experts.

As pet industry specialists, we possess insights into crucial aspects that larger agencies may overlook. As a smaller team, we take pride in devoting time to actively listen and tailor individual marketing strategies to meet the unique needs of each client.

It’s the small things that make StreetDog Marketing stand out. We’re here to relieve the stress for business owners who already have a lot on their plate.

Our Passion.

With the assistance of our skilled team at StreetDog, business owners are revitalizing and enhancing their marketing strategies with confidence.

Our primary focus is to support businesses in the pet industry, as we share a genuine passion for pets, just like our clients do.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the success of exceptional pet products and services, which is why we diligently work towards making it a reality.

Our Approach.

We collaborate with clients to establish and maintain their digital presence. Our expertise lies in assisting pet brands with various aspects such as brand establishment, logo creation, and website design. Additionally, we provide guidance to pet brands already engaged in social marketing efforts, helping them achieve their desired returns. Whether you are at the beginning stages or well on your way, the StreetDog team is committed to supporting you throughout your journey. As a Canadian company, we specialize in assisting pet brands in the global pet market with their marketing endeavors.

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Our Team.

Meet The StreetDog Marketing Family
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Stephanie Dumont & Luna.

Founder & Creative Director

Luna and I started StreetDog Marketing to meet a special demand. StreetDog has brought something truly unique to the pet market: a marketing agency that’s all about pet-based businesses.

My love for pets and their impact on people’s lives motivated me to establish a company solely focused on helping pet businesses flourish. Prior to StreetDog, pet-related enterprises were being served by agencies that lacked comprehension of the distinctive dynamics of the global pet market.

I embarked on a mission to create a team of pet lovers and owners who truly grasp the significance of the human/animal bond. We’re here to cater to pet-focused companies in a special way. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with a diverse range of pet business owners, assisting them in attaining remarkable growth, increased revenues, reduced stress, more leisure time, and enhanced profits.

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