‘Boost Your Pet Business’ Initiative

Here at StreetDog Marketing, we are happy to reveal a brand new ‘Boost Your Pet Business’ member opportunity for fellow PIJAC Canada Members.

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“Over the past year many of our small to medium-sized members have expressed their desire to have an extra set of hands when it comes to effectively managing the marketing and social media side of their businesses.”  Budgets are tight and time is even tighter when running a company, said Susan Dankert, Communications Manager for PIJAC Canada,  “This past spring StreetDog Pet Marketing became an association member and took on the role of 2019 Canadian Community Awards sponsor.  As we got to know each other it became clear that the services offered by StreetDog may be what our members are looking for, so we had them put together a special PIJAC Canada member package.”

Here’s how it works, StreetDog Marketing is offering a $99 ‘Boost Your Business’ incentive. During a 45 minute consultation, StreetDog Marketing will work with PIJAC Canada members to review business goals, establish target audiences, refine existing marketing plans and review sales numbers.

New customers are then asked to choose between three options –

A Social Media Boost, three carefully curated social media posts with graphics OR, a Website Check Up, a complete overview of your website load speed, optimization, SEO and more. A fresh 200-350 word blog written by a professional content writer. Creative Director, Stephanie Dumont, commented on the new initiative ‘ We introduced this ‘boost’ to help encourage new businesses to take the plunge and allow us to help revamp their marketing efforts.

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The three different options on offer, allow each business owner to focus on the area of their business that needs the most immediate, attention.’’

‘’My team and I have worked hard to identify the top three areas that pet businesses may struggle with the most, luckily for us we are built on a foundation of creativity and have the skills needed to help any and all business thrive.’

StreetDog Marketing is also offering PIJAC Canada members an exclusive discount to those who sign up for a month-to-month package. The $99 ‘Boost Your Pet Business’ fee is put towards the first month of a new package. Along with a 50% discount applied to any package selected. Details below:

We are always looking for new ways to support your business.  You can check out the full package online and be sure to let us know what you think.  For more information, and to set up your ‘Boost Your Business’ consultation, reach out to Stephanie at 416-508-0133 or info@streetdog.ca. We have limited space available for this offer, so be sure to email us if you’re interested. Offer ends October 31st, 2019


StreetDog Marketing is a Toronto based company, founded by Creative Director Stephanie Dumont. StreetDog Marketing focuses on helping local pet business with marketing efforts. From website maintenance, content creation, digital media management and more, With the help of the experienced team at StreetDog Marketing, business owners are revamping, refreshing and rejuvenating their marketing efforts with confidence. www.streetdog.ca

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