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Designing tips – For non Designers

Having a brand or being your own brand means you need to pay attention to the smallest details on how to show yourself to the world, and the visual impact you create is sometimes more important than the message itself. Through design, you are capable of controlling the first impression your audience will have from you, so make sure you are taking notes because these six tips will help you out a lot.

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1. It’s true what they say: less is more!
Just like in fashion, every visual effort needs a purpose. If you don’t think you have enough skills or creativity to build an impactful piece, there’s no reason to worry: keep everything as simple as possible. Choose two to three colours to work with and make sure you have room to let your art breathe – that means you don’t have to cover every inch of your content with some visual aspect. Allow people to focus on what you want them to focus on, whether it’s a date, a picture, or any other important information.

2. Tell a story
Organize the information in an understandable manner to make sure that your audience will know what you are trying to communicate right away. You will retain their attention for a couple of seconds, so use them wisely. If you are trying to promote a sale, don’t forget to show dates, discounts, and even restrictions, for example. Your audience needs to be able to understand your goals.

3. Legibility and readability are key
Using the wrong font is somewhat like whispering – some people will get what you are trying to say, but the big majority won’t. To get your point across in the best possible way, choose high-quality pictures to show professionalism and fonts that are simple – not very light nor bold, with good spacing and distinguished letters so that no one will think a double “n” is actually an “m”. Also consider limiting the number of fonts you will use for a single project, as choosing a big variety can both make your job harder and the final outcome look confusing.

4. Colors have meanings
Did you ever wonder why McDonald’s and Burger King both use yellow and red in their communication? Red and yellow are both primary colours and reflect passion, happiness, enthusiasm, and energy. It’s proven that colours can evoke different feelings and here are some examples beyond these two:

Blue: safety, and relaxation
Green: wealth, health, and refreshment
Pink: romance and youth
Orange: energy and enthusiasm
Black: sophistication, luxury, and power
White: purity and cleanliness

5. Use some easy tools
If you are not comfortable with Adobe Creative Cloud – designers’ main source of professional tools – try using easy apps on your phone like Canva, Nichi, or Over. They’ll provide you with templates that work on a click-to-replace basis and in some cases, all you will have to do is just insert the information you need and save the design piece directly to your phone.

6. Symmetry is your safe space
Ensure that every information makes sense on the overall visual impact you are trying to create. Use guides like horizontal and vertical lines to align your elements for balance and proportion. Throwing the information all over the place can sometimes work, but only if you know exactly what you are doing and probably have some advanced design skills. Otherwise, create an alignment that makes you feel comfortable and use it as your starting point to where you should add everything else.

7. Extra tip: count on us
If you are in the pet business, you sure are in the right place.

By this point, you know that your social media should be managed consistently and with a high standard for content delivery. So here’s how we can help: our Social Media Marketing efforts are focused on pet businesses and we have amazing possibilities to build your pet brand online.

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