Do You Have The Competitive Advantage?

Many business owners will know that a great way to check what your competitive advantage is, is by identifying your brand USP. In order for you to successfully identify your USP, you need to understand what it actually stands for. A unique selling point, or proposition, is the factor that makes your product or service special.

Understanding your business ‘point of difference’ allows you to use it as an advantage when marketing to your target audience. By identifying elements of your company products or services, you have a clear and concise understanding of why your brand is superior over your competitors. This is extremely important, especially as the pet industry continues to grow. Naturally, the market will become more competitive as new businesses are formed and as innovation continues to evolve.

Examples of great USP’s that can help boost your business range from incorporating a charity or cause, building trust by highlighting awards & qualifications which are prestigious in your field, a unique brand personality – by using a distinctive tone of voice or language you can create an effective USP for your brand.

There are various tricks that will help you unravel what your brands USP is. You can first start by compiling a list of features & benefits – that are unique to your brand. You can also think about how you would answer an important customer question ‘Why should I choose this company?’ – the answer could be as simple as ‘they are the only local brand that offer organic food made only with premium meat’.

By taking the time to carefully complete these simple steps – you can begin to further understand how your business can continue to stay ahead of your competition.

Schedule your consultation with one of our Marketing Strategists by emailing Let Street Dog Marketing show you how we can revamp your marketing efforts, by exposing your unique selling point!

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