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Five Copywriting Tips To Improve Your Communication

copywriting tipsWriting content for your pet business is one of the most important marketing skills that you can possibly develop, and we don’t mean just creating captions for your Instagram post. Copy is everywhere – from product/service descriptions, social media to landing pages. It’s easy to see why good content is the backbone of any online Marketing strategy, right?

Potential customers will turn to Google and search engines to answer questions and address problems about any subject you can imagine, so in order to improve your online presence you will need to develop great content that gets found and converts your customers addressing their needs.

Here are five tips to write engaging copy that attracts new readers and can help to improve the connection you already have with your current consumers:

1. Know your audience

A basic rule for good copywriting is to develop everything with simple language while keeping in mind the right things to say to connect with your consumers. Once you understand the most basic needs of your audience you can start to understand the types of content you need to develop to reach them in a personal and direct manner.

Ask questions like “Why would people be interested in your product or service?” or “How do I want my service/product to be perceived by my consumers”? This will help with both setting your communication goals and to better understand your audience’s expectations.

2. Create an emotional connection

Strong emotions can be conveyed through words as well.

There’s this thing called “mirror neurons” and they are activated when you witness something happening, connect with it, and then transfer some of that feeling on to you, reading the situation and placing it as your own. That’s exactly why you need to speak to a pre-existing feeling in order to directly connect your audience to the emotions you’re ready to empathize with.

Beer commercials can be a great example of what we just described – you will always see happy people sharing great moments with their friends. The consumers start relating to the moments they spent with their own friends and will most likely associate the product with that happy feeling.

3. Develop a personality

Just like anyone else, every pet brand has their own unique voice and style. Building a personality is the best way to differentiate yourself from the competition, and to create a strong sense of community with your audience. Before creating any kind of content, make sure your voice and tone clearly shows your pet brand’s personality – this is what people will consider when deciding if they would like to be associated with anything that comes from your brand.

4. Have a purpose

Every piece of content should engage the audience while building trust and encouraging sales. But behind every copy effort should also serve a purpose – educate, share, build and improve. Sharing your mission as a brand is a great and highly engaging purpose because people buy to belong, to connect and to support.

Having a purpose is giving them reasons.

5. Don’t forget about the visuals

Every copy also needs to be visually appealing, meaning that even your font choices can help you with creating the impact you want. Here are some examples of what you should aim for:

• Choosing a good font that’s visually clean and easy to read
• Give different weights to different information – Bold headlines, for example
• Writing short paragraphs or adding breaks
• Using bulleted lists like this one

EXTRA: count on us.

By this point, you know that your pet brand’s communication needs to be managed consistently, but sometimes you just need a little professional help.

If you are in the pet business and want to communicate your purpose to your audience and potential clients, you sure are in the right place. Our marketing efforts are focused on pet businesses and we have amazing possibilities to build your pet brand online.

Sounds interesting? Contact us for a personal consultation.

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