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Snail mail reminds us of that tale of the race between the tortoise and the hare. After all, the tortoise might be slower and less flashy but she’s there for the long haul and she does win the race. So, why is direct mail an effective marketing tool?

It gives you the opportunity to personalize

We are all bombarded daily with uniform ads that more or less apply to us. Even targeted ads can only go so far. But when’s the last time you received a hand-written thank you note from any company?

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It’s easy to truly celebrate occasions

As soon as Halloween is done, every company is on to Christmas. It’s more than probable; it’s become the norm. So, how do you stand out from the norm?

Well, direct mail is no longer the norm. Sending your current or prospective clients a card or information on your business can be a lot more effective than an unopened email. Mailed cards are more opened than not and pretty cards easily become an addition to a fridge via fridge magnet, a cabinet as decoration, a bulletin board, etc. Whether your clients are businesses or individuals or both. Plus, too, there’s a very real reason why some companies still mail out calendars!

It can be used to reward current customers

Repeat customers are priceless but how do you show them appreciation amidst your brand awareness campaigns? Send them a personalized card with a gift card for the holidays! Ask them how they liked their purchase of [exactly what they purchased recently]. Use what you know about them and how they interact with you to solidify that relationship.

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Maybe it’s time to consider that marketing fads are like fashion fads; they come and go but they always come back. So, capitalizing on a tried and true marketing tool before it gets too popular again might be exactly the boost your pet business needs right now.

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