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Here’s Why Your Pet Business Needs a Blog

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Blogging can drive sales and increase brand awareness by improving the ranks of your product pages. A successful blog can help you rank higher in search results. But if your blog’s only focus is driving sales, it won’t ever be a successful blog.

How valuable would it be if your company was among the first results on Google when a potential customer searches for products or services your business provides? A strong blog can dramatically impact your SEO.

The best blogs answer your customer’s questions. Customers expect to be educated before they make a purchase decision. The best topics can come straight from your customer service team! What are the questions they get most frequently? What are your customer’s pain points? How can your company’s knowledge (and products) help your customers?

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  • Define your goals.
  • Review what your competition is doing.
  • Construct your ideal customer.
  • Create a content calendar.

Is a blog worth the effort?
For a blog to be successful, it must be frequent and consistent. Creating fresh content represents a ton of time and effort. Why is it worth the effort?

No company will ever link to your product pages, but if your blog has helpful information for their customers, they may link to your blog page. A link to your blog article can help your website in 2 ways.

  • Each link to your blog boosts its authority
  • Each link to your blog ALSO boosts the authority of any page your blog links to – this is how you get potential customers onto your product pages.

A compelling blog can help your brand build an engaged audience, drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, create new leads, and convert leads to sales. The team at StreetDog can help you develop a blog and consistently deliver engaging, informative, and valuable content.

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