How A Marketing Agency Like StreetDog Can Help Your Pet Brand

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Whether small-batch or large-scale, your pet brand has its own distinct voice, vision, and story. Telling your brand’s story both effectively and in a way that reflects your brand’s voice is a must if you’re looking to convert audiences and followers into customers, but determining how to share your story and market your brand can be difficult, overwhelming, and stressful.

It’s also an incredibly significant part of growing your pet business because, without marketing, it’s challenging to get your brand noticed in a competitive and saturated industry. Pet business owners know all too well how crucial it is to stand out among the competition.

That’s where a dedicated marketing agency comes in. There is a slew of benefits to working with a marketing agency, but when you work with one like StreetDog Marketing, where we’re committed to helping pet brands, specifically, you get access to all of those benefits and the insights our team has from years working in marketing and advertising.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with StreetDog Marketing, and how an agency like ours can help your pet brand make a splash.

Access to experience, knowledge, and expertise

Collectively, our team here at StreetDog Marketing has over 10 years’ experience working in marketing and advertising, but we’re also pet owners ourselves, and have spent countless hours researching, testing and determining the best services and products for our own pets. Unless your marketing agency is as obsessed with animals and the pet industry as we are, few marketing pros can understand your goal of providing customers with something truly unique.

When you work with a marketing agency dedicated specifically to your industry, you gain access to all of the skills, knowledge, expertise and practical experience that people like we here at StreetDog have. But not only that, your brand benefits from how we apply our wealth of expertise, and that means you get to stress less about growing your brand and focus more on the aspects of your business that you’re truly passionate about.

Boutique marketing agencies behave like in-house marketers, without being in your house

Not all pet brands have nation-wide offices and 100-person teams, and as a boutique pet marketing agency, we understand that company size and growth comes with time; for some brand owners, remaining small and humble is the goal. Whatever your brand growth goals are, a boutique agency like ours treats your brand like our very own – your budgets, your goals, your practices, and your products are all treated as though they were our business. That means we look out for your business and care about its success as though it were our own brand. You don’t need us to be in-house to get the same level and quality of service as you would if you have a massive in-house marketing team behind you!

Having a team that treats your business like they would their own also means you’re being looked out for – from your best interests to the way your brand is represented through the work we do.

Honest, hard-working people who work with you

We love being a boutique marketing agency in the pet industry because it allows us to work with fellow entrepreneurs who understand the level of work, dedication, and sweat that goes into starting and growing your own biz. At StreetDog Marketing, our objective is to always provide the best guidance and support, which means being honest about the strategies and services that work best for your goals and needs.

One element of that is time; we understand fully that time is your most valuable resource as a brand owner and entrepreneur, which is exactly why we’re here to tailor all of your services to you. We don’t hold your hand – we walk beside you and work collaboratively with you.

Having a supportive team of marketing pros behind you who will be honest and transparent with you at all stages of your time with us will help you not only succeed as a brand but feel goodabout the direction in which we help you take your brand.

Benefit from the latest trends and tech

Being a marketing agency, we’re not only required to stay on top of the latest trends and tech in the fields of marketing and advertising – we love to. While there are endless tools and resources you can look into to help you drive your brand’s growth and awareness, marketing pros understand which tools, applications, and trends make sense for your brand.

We take the time to study and analyze not just tools and trends but how past marketing trends will come back, and how they can best be applied to meeting your goals and objectives. Not every tool will work for your brand, and not every marketing trend is one you have to hop on board with. Our expertise can help guide you so that we collectively make the best decisions, together.

Whether it’s on-page SEO and competitor analysis or changes in influencer marketing and social media awareness, we take into account every trend and tool and carefully recommend the best ones that fit your needs.

Convert audiences into customers

Ultimately, the goal of any pet brand is to capture the attention of audiences and convert those people into customers. That’s no easy feat in an industry that’s projected to be worth over $206 billion by 2025. And yet, most pet brands compete with the wrong competitors, or focus on the wrong growth strategies and vanity metrics. Standing out doesn’t mean beating the competition – it means telling your brand story more effectively.

When brands effectively tell their story and connect with their audiences on an emotive, human level, brands can be up to 22x more memorable for audiences than those that fail to intertwine their story into everything they do. But telling that story and getting audiences to click the purchase button is hard work, and it’s why pet brands benefit from the expertise of knowledgeable teams like ours here at StreetDog Marketing.

We help convert fans to customers by capturing every essence of your brand. And we do it beautifully.

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