How Effective Advertising Gets You Noticed

Business owners & entrepreneurs need to learn a multiple of skills and talents in order to operate a successful pet business. From accounting to delegation, problem to solving to negation and of course even a basic level of understanding in marketing & advertising is needed to succeed. Understanding at least the basics of how advertising can help your business thrive – is rule number one. Here’s three top tips to get you started…


The pet industry is a competitive industry and making your business stand out from the crowd, is essential. By implementing & creating a clever, eye catching advertising strategy, you can stand out in a competitive industry. Impress your customers with quirky captions, professional clips and colourful branding. Take a step back and analyze the competition – use advertising as a platform to be different!


It’s simple – if you’re not telling people about your brand, they won’t know it’s available. Advertising allows you to reach customers on a large scale – both internationally or locally, and allow yourself to educate people about your business and brand. Advertising is a great way to communicate what purpose your business serves and what values your brand is built on.


By identifying your target audience, you improve your chances to increase your ROI. You allow yourself the opportunity to target your potential customers and effectively introduce them to your pet brand and business.

Our team at StreetDog understands that pet business owners are often very busy with many tasks on their plate, at any one time. That’s where we come in – with marketing & advertising experts, we can step in and relieve the pressure! We put together a clear, concise plan of how we plan to get your business in front of the right people – in the most eye-catching way. Email us to set up your free consultation – today is the day your plate starts to feel a little lighter!

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