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How to Build Brand Loyalty

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Congratulations! You’ve built a great pet business, but now what do you need to retain customers and build brand loyalty?

We’ve put together a couple of important ideas, on how you can retain the customers that you’ve already worked so hard to get.

It’s good to remember that there is an obvious reason why a customer will choose to stay loyal to your pet business – and that’s because they love your product or service of course!

Your online presence is an excellent platform to open up a conversation surrounding your pet products and services. Don’t forget to set some time aside to engage with prospective clients. Answer their questions, ease concerns and make note of anything that you can do to improve their customer journey & experience. What else can you do? Working towards creating an effective marketing strategy that gears your efforts towards appealing to existing customers.

Existing customers appreciate small gestures such as membership cards or ‘loyalty reward offers’. By introducing a small incentive it can help to strengthen your customer/business relationship.

Did you know it costs around 5-10 times more to find a new customer, as opposed to retaining a new one? Current customers often spend nearly 70% more than new customers do. This further reinforces the need to focus on customer retention and brand loyalty.

Above all, it’s imperative to continue to keep your pet business standards high in order to keep your customers trust.

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