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How to grow your Pet Business’ Instagram following

Grow Instagram Blog 1We all know how important it is for a brand to keep a good online presence and a great way to do that is by investing your time on Instagram. The platform is constantly changing, and information is key in keeping you up to date with its algorithm demands, but there are a few steps you can follow to make sure you are making the best of your Social Media impact.

Invest in high quality content

And we are not just talking about great-looking pictures. Develop your own voice, define the colour scheme you want your brand to be represented by, search for the best hashtags you can use for your pet business and give your audience what they want to see. This last point deserves some extra attention – provide tips, new information and science-based knowledge to pet owners. We are always trying to learn more on the internet, just like you reading this article, right? That is what your followers are looking for when they decide to follow you, so make sure they have exclusive access to your brand, your products and everything in between.

Engage with your audience

There’s this little thing called CRM – Customer Relationship Management, and in a nutshell, it means being there for your audience. Pay attention to their comments, messages and any other interactions that can provide you with new insights for your future steps. A suggestion can change the entire direction of a business because the market is made of people and they are the ones to define how everything works.

Make sure your audience is being heard and observe how their interaction with your profile can be presented as a behavioural pattern. Keep an eye on when they are online, what they have to say about your posts and how they relate to what you are trying to sell. Connection is the strongest bond you will create on Social Media and it comes from knowing exactly who you are talking to.

Business account

The pet market is competitive enough in itself, so being professional has a big positive impact on how people are going perceive your pet brand. If you haven’t already, change your Instagram account to Business. The platform will provide you with very important analytics for your posts and overall behaviour, highlighting what is working for your brand and what can be improved.

Test things!

Don’t be afraid to try a new approach, a crazy picture or a dynamic caption for your posts. Especially with your first steps, there is a lot of room for improvement and you will only know what to change if you are sure of what is and isn’t working. Check your Insights – Instagram provides them for free – and see the engagement levels you are reaching with every strategy to define the ones that work best for you. Trying new things is what probably will make your online presence seem different enough to draw attention.

“Consistency is key”

There is no point in going this far and forgetting to post something for weeks in a row. The internet likes consistency and it lives in your voice, your posting schedule and your overall aesthetic. When you are able to constantly show up, people will expect to hear from you more often and chances are, your engagement rates will thank you too.

Need more help? Count on us.

If you are in the pet business space, you sure are in the right place.

By this point, you know that your social media should be managed consistently, so here’s how we can help: our Social Media Marketing efforts are focused on pet businesses and we have amazing possibilities to build your pet brand online from scratch.

Sounds interesting? Contact us for a personal consultation.

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