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How To Make Sales After Learning How to Bring in the Traffic

Bring in the traffic

Okay, so interest in your pet business is growing after you’ve updated your SEO tactics on your website. More and more traffic keeps coming from all of your different channels. Growth is good, but the next step is vital in keeping a good relationship with potential customers and a high retention rate. New leads give you the opportunity to learn more about who’s interested in your business, which will help you adjust your future marketing strategies.

What you need to do is take your leads through a sales funnel to turn them into prospects. Evaluating your current traffic channels, adjusting your strategy, and regular marketing tactic testing will make the most of your leads and improve your methods to grow and retain your customer base.

What Happens with No Lead Follow Through?

First, knowing why neglecting leads is important. Leads are people who are interested in what you’re offering and want to know more about your business, which would be why they’d be sent to a landing page and then give their information. Their basic information is the first step of knowing who your leads are. Doing nothing with your leads can severely affect your business as customers cannot engage nor create sales, which was the whole purpose of collecting them in the first place.

Your leads provide the basic information for you to improve future marketing landing page tactics as you get a clearer picture of the different groups of people interested in your business. It will help you minimize your next landing page’s bounce back rate. Then you can efficiently bring online traffic to its final destination: the sales transaction.

How Do I Evaluate My Traffic Channels?

Take the data from your recent marketing campaign and analyze what worked and what didn’t. This could mean comparing giveaways, contests, hashtag campaigns, etc. on Instagram and Facebook, Twitter, or another channel. You’ll get an idea of how your customer base engages with what you post. With this information, trial and error, and more growth, you can refine your content and promotional schedule.

Once you’ve made your adjustments to your traffic channels and have identified your most proficient sales funnel, it’s time to get into the little details that make up your leads. For example, as a senior dog food business, a lot of your business engagement comes from Facebook. Posting, commenting, and liking all show that you’re active and ready to contact making you more familiar to customers.

How Do I Adjust My Marketing Strategy?

Your ultimate goal is to turn as many leads as you can into sales prospects. So, get to know your leads through the information that you gathered. This information can be as basic as their names and email addresses to a social media follow. With this, you can clearly determine your different customer bases and where they found your business.

Now that you know more about your distinct customer bases and which traffic channels bring in the most traffic, all of that information can highlight areas for you to cater your content and other marketing strategies. For example, an organic pet food company’s traffic and the majority of their sales comes from Instagram by younger adults living in the city centre. Additionally, another large portion of the company’s sales comes from high-income neighbourhoods by older adults on Facebook.

You’ve piqued the interest of these two customer bases, which you need to hold until you make a sale. The information shows which location and social media channels to focus on and which to improve. In order to maintain interest, nurturing your customer relationships in these areas are key to gain stronger customer loyalty, which can lead to more recommendations for your business.

What Happens After I Adjust My Strategy?

The Internet never sleeps, which means you can get traffic from anywhere at any time. If your adjustments lag or expire with broken or dead links frequently, leads will decline as users are unable to give the website and social media information or cannot contact your reliably. This doesn’t mean that you need to change your strategy every day but that you can always be one step ahead with an idea of what to do and change for the next campaign.

As your business grows even to unanticipated target markets, be sure to maintain your online presence engaging each lead with a Call to Action. For example, sending a welcome email with a new signup discount entices the lead further to a sale. Being active online means that you can give your customers the small business vibe with personal responses including comments, tweets, likes, retweets, etc.

A close customer relationship, as well as promotions, will make it more likely that your customers will engage with communication. This makes prospects different from leads as it involves point to point contact whereas leads involve point to multiple points of contact. Customer communication will give you an even clearer idea of how to target and market campaigns. These can be:

• Surveys
• Reviews
• Social media posts and comments
• Loyalty points system

At the end of the day, it’s all about regularly engaging with your active traffic channels to refine your strategy.

Getting the Most from Your Leads

Marketing is constant. Generating leads helps you focus on the right people who are interested in your business rather than just throwing anything against the wall. The goal is to turn these leads into sales, and ultimately, to grow and nurture a loyal customer base. A larger customer base creates more organic traffic alongside your online marketing tactics.

So, if most leads came from Instagram from a hashtag campaign, your next strategy should be adjusted for Instagram and the audience most likely to engage with it. For example, an Instagram Story challenge or a Twitter like and retweet challenge could work best for a young adult market. Just as an email campaign with simple, straightforward communication would work best with leads coming from Facebook through an email sign up with many being seniors.

That’s why knowing exactly who is buying your product or service is so vital to your marketing strategies. You can learn which tactic gets the most engagement, how to frame your advertisements, and how you communicate with your customers. Customer communication can look different for different businesses, and the more you know, the better you can communicate with your loyal buyers.


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