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How to Market Your Pet Business Online

These are scary times that we are going through and, with events falling through and less direct contact with clients, it might be time to fully exploit your pet business’ online presence.

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Boost up your Instagram

People often turn to Instagram for their daily dose of cheerful, pretty pictures. Spread the love (and not the virus) by actively posting 3-5 times a week on your Instagram, replying to comments left by fans and engaging with as many relevant Instagrammers as possible. For instance, if you sell catnip, follow cat owners, show some love to pictures posted with #canadiancats and show people that you are there even when the going gets tough. People are spending more time than ever on social media, connecting with family and friends despite ever-increasing physical barriers: show them that you are there and that you’re just a message away.

Increase your Facebook presence

If clients contact you directly through Facebook, send them a digital thank you card and let them know you’re thinking about them as well as their families. Consider purchasing a targeted Facebook ad that announces your newest online sale and show how you prepare their purchase with care and (perhaps!) with a touch of humour. You can also interact in Facebook groups destined for pet lovers: most groups frown on self-promotion but helping out pet owners by answering their questions may give you a distinct edge. Let’s say you sell accessories designed for aging cats and a pet owner is looking for recommendations to help their 12 year old cat: you now have a golden opportunity to share your expertise… and perhaps gain a loyal client.

Creating YouTube videos

If seeing is believing, then channel the power of YouTube to reach even more potential clients. You can do product reviews of your inventory or show people what your services look like. You can then incorporate shorter clips of the video on Facebook and Instagram to reach your current followers, adding more value to your interactions with them. What sets YouTube apart from Facebook and Instagram is that it boosts active and consistent channels by suggesting those channels’ videos to new viewers for you: think of it as free advertising, if done with care.

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Start a Business Blog

Start your own blog answering frequently asked questions from pet owners that are relevant to your products or offer to guest post on relevant blogs, reaching readers in new audiences. Show people that you are an expert in the field and that you care about educating as well as helping your clients. A blog can really highlight the voice of your brand and help people discover your website for perhaps the first time. It can also help potential clients see your company as the solution to one of their problems: for instance, if they have a dog that often gets ticks and you post in your blog about products that you sell that help prevent this, they are a click away from buying what they need.

Contests on Instagram

Contests continue to be a popular way to reach out to potential clients. Personalize it with your brand’s voice, make sure to send a message to participants thanking them for their participation and then announce the winners! People love the feeling of winning but they also like to follow brands that give back to their clients. Contests are mostly seen as great for brand awareness but they are also opportunities to transform potential customers into recurring clients: if their cat loves your treats, you might be getting a new client once they run out.

But, most of all, remember that even when times are rough (or ruff), we’re all working together to get through this. Admitting that times are hard and reaching out for help isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s called self-awareness. Let us know if there’s a way we can lend a hand with your marketing efforts during this time. We’re just an email away.

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