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What is the StreetDog Influencer Program?

Our StreetDog Team collaborates with numerous outstanding Pet Brands across Canada and the U.S., actively seeking Influencers to showcase their products and services. If you’re keen on stepping into the role of an influencer, kindly complete the application form. Once submitted, you’ll receive our email newsletters, brimming with information about forthcoming collaboration opportunities.

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Influencer Compensation Structures.

What we look for in an influencer?

  • We look for active, public accounts.
  • These accounts should engage regularly and consistently with their followers and the brands represented!⁣
  • We love to show our appreciation to the brand ambassadors with free products, perks and more. These ambassadors will help us to test our clients products!
  • We require influencers to have a good follower count and engagement rate for consideration with brands.
  • Some brands will provide you your own unique discount code to share with your friends!
  • We offer both product and paid partnership opportunities. If you’re considering a paid partnership, we require a rate card + your media kit.
  • When you register to be part of our influencer program, you’ll receive monthly newsletters with opportunities, coupons and more. When a new brand partnership becomes available, we will work through our roster and bring forward accounts we feel would be a good fit, so be patient, you could be NEXT!
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Open Opportunities

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Influencer marketing is the act of partnering with a specific influencer to promote and market your products. The whole idea behind influencer marketing is that you remove the barriers that typical social advertising has, and go right to the source.
When an influencer markets a product, they usually promote it as a product they personally recommend – as a friend would. And this benefits brands greatly because it’s a more authentic and organic humanized approach to marketing (and selling) a product. 
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