Influencer Program.

What is the StreetDog Influencer Program?

Our StreetDog Team works with many amazing Canadian Pet Brands who are always on the hunt for Influencers who can help to promote their products and services. If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador or influencer, please fill out the form.

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What we look for in an influencer?

  • We look for active, public accounts.
  • These accounts should engage regularly and consistently with their followers and the brands represented!⁣
  • We love to show our appreciation to the brand ambassadors with free products, perks and more. These ambassadors will help us to test our clients products!
  • Some brands will provide you your own unique discount code to share with your friends!

For Pet Brands.

Influencer marketing is the act of partnering with a specific influencer to promote and market your products. The whole idea behind influencer marketing is that you remove the barriers that typical social advertising has, and go right to the source.
When an influencer markets a product, they usually promote it as a product they personally recommend – as a friend would. And this benefits brands greatly because it’s a more authentic and organic humanized approach to marketing (and selling) a product. 

Is your pet brand ready.