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Learn why you should reuse your content

shutterstock 1831306132If you published it once, it means your content was good enough and made you proud. And now that repurposing anything and everything is a big eco-friendly trend, why not revisit that great topic or reuse that amazing picture and add a new perspective to it?

This is why repurposing your content is just as good as creating a new one:

Give it a second chance

We already know how being successful on the internet is based on performance, but it doesn’t mean that every content that doesn’t perform so well isn’t worth another shot. The moment, the context or even the time you decided to publish it can interfere on the engagement levels. If you really believe in a topic or format, go for it. Make adjustments, use different channels, test your possibilities – this will even help you understand how you should behave to achieve your goals.

Reach new people

You took a lot of time and effort into creating something you approve of, so it’s time to take it as a laying base to work this content with different angles and reach different audiences. A change in a blog article’s format can create a brand new take on a topic by getting it noticed by a different demographic – you can use it to make an Instagram post or to develop an infographic that will most likely show the same information with a different engagement strategy. You will certainly receive insights you never received before and can definitely use them to your pet brand’s favor.

Be consistent

Managing content from several different perspectives can help you become closer to that topic and even help you to be seen as an expert on the subject. Increasing your audience’s trust means they will start considering you a go-to brand to that universe and every information that comes from you will have a meaningful impact on the people who follow your work.

Where to start?

If your goal is to bring your already published content back to life, there’s one important step to help you decide on which one you should prioritize: check your analytics. Observing metrics can help you quickly understand what kind of content works best and checking sections like visualizations, time spent, and the number of interactions can give you the tools you need to succeed.

You can always revamp

Revamping content means acting on the content you already have by adding some changes so it will serve the same purpose and target the same audience, but it will offer a different perspective that can increase interest. Using a blog article’s example, you can add new keywords, change the tone or revisit the visual impact to make it clear you have a new positioning as a brand, and this can show good results on how your current and potential audience will perceive you.

Still feel like you need help? Count on us.

If you are in the pet business, you sure are in the right place.

By this point, you know that your social media should be managed consistently and with a high standard for content delivery – including a good content curation that allows you to better understand the topics you should reuse and why. So, here’s how we can help: our Social Media Marketing efforts are focused on pet businesses and we have amazing possibilities to build your pet brand online.

Sounds interesting? Contact us for a personal consultation.


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