What does it mean to be a “Made In Canada’ Pet Product?

Here at StreetDog we appreciate and admire all pet businesses from around the world! Our entrepreneurial community is built on a foundation of passion, determination and perseverance – wherever the origin may be!

This blog post will focus and celebrate the rules and regulations of pet products that are awarded the Official ‘Made In Canada’ sticker.

We feel it’s incredibly important to celebrate the many thriving, successful businesses that host ‘Made In Canada’ products – and of course, there are so many to choose from.


Guidelines & Resources

The question on the tip of everyone’s tongues is, ‘what does Made In Canada actually mean?’. Well, we set our team to work and we asked them to look into the official guidelines. To summarize, in order to qualify, at least 98% of the cost of producing and manufacturing the product must have occurred in Canada.

To help advise and evaluate product claims being ‘Made In Canada, the ‘Bureau’s Guide was implemented in the early 1980’s. By setting out the guidelines, pet business’s striving to meet these requirements have a set restriction to reach.

Interestingly, there are categories and labels for products that may not quite meet the ‘Made In Canada’ guidelines, but still warrant a term that reflects accurately in manufacturing and production capacity. Such as, ‘Assembled in Canada with Foreign parts’ or ‘Sewn in Canada with Imported Fabric’ – both of which offer a more detailed understanding of the journey that the product has made.

Why support Canadian based pet business’s?

As a Canadian business ourselves, we actively encourage others to continually support local businesses. We definitely feel there is a degree of personal investment into the well-being of the community around you and its future.

On a broader level, there are also a range of benefits to support Canadian made businesses and products – from helping to boost the Canadian economy, to the reduction in delivery costs, helping the Canadian dollar and of course – the environmental benefits of shopping, buying and producing local.

Let us know what topics you want our resident writers to cover at info@streetdog.ca.

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