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Making The Most Out Of Your Pet Brand’s Year-End

Making The Most Out Of Your Pet Brands Year End

The holiday season is finally here and the focus on maximizing sales during this busy gifting time is likely at the top of your mind. If your pet business follows a standard year-end, then you should also think about how you’re going to ensure these last few months help make the most out of 2022 for your business.

How have you prepared so far for your year-end? Here are some helpful tips to help get you started on the right paw.

Organize the Accounting Side of Things Now
Many small businesses can’t afford to hire specific employees for every task. There’s a good chance that you take care of your accounting and bookkeeping needs yourself. And, they can often take a backseat while you focus on the time-sensitive demands of your business. It can be beneficial now to organize your accounting, prepare drafts of your financial statements, and do the paperwork you can now so that you’re not swamped with everything when tax deadlines arrive.

Use Your Time Off Wisely
We know that the days leading up to Christmas can be hectic. You’re working long hours keeping your inventory stocked so you can increase the number of successful sales in a short period of time. If you do get some holiday time to yourself, try to spend some of it learning new skills, researching other techniques that might save you money next year, and just highlighting the milestones you want to reach in 2022.

Make a Plan
The pandemic definitely shifted much of our plans for the past year, but we all adapted as best as we could. Now, we can use the potential of 2022 to set the goals we want to reach and create a plan that will help get us there. Use some of your time now to analyze the past year as well, recording your numbers – where did you go above and beyond your expectations and where did you fall short? You can utilize KPIs (key performance indicators) to continually improve your numbers throughout the year.

Don’t Be Afraid to Set Your Sights High
If your plan is to grow your pet brand, then it’s important to build an idea of where you want to go without letting the fear of failure set you back. If you’re hoping to add a retail side to your pet grooming business, how many more clients would you need to book to reach the income goal you need to expand? Setting your sights high and mapping out a specific plan of how to get there, will increase the likelihood of success.

Digital marketing can be tough especially if youre planning it for your own business.

Create a Marketing Plan
How is your marketing plan doing? The upcoming start of 2022 means now is a great time to review your marketing plans. Take a look back and see how the last year met or didn’t meet your goals. Did you go over or under budget? Where can you find your target audience online? Should you be focusing on social media more or are blogs an excellent way to bring new leads to your online pet business?

Digital marketing can be tough – especially if you’re planning it for your own business. We can often put it on the back burner for so long that we realize we didn’t follow through with anything. Having an expert team of marketing and branding professionals on your side – who know the pet industry – can be a huge asset for you in the coming year.

Hoping to learn more about how you can propel your pet brand into 2022? A strong digital marketing plan is a huge asset. We can help. Reach out for a discussion with one of Canada’s top pet branding companies today.

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