Marketing Your Pet Business On The Go

You’ve definitely heard someone say: marketing your business is supremely important. However, between caring for your dog, being there for your family, just running your pet business and trying to have some kind of social life, who actually has time for marketing? Here’s how to make and carve out time so that you can get your company’s positive image before the right eyes.

1. Focus your efforts on specific platforms

It’s better to have fewer, active profiles than to be inactive on all of them. After all, each platform comes with its own learning curve, content creation needs hoops to jump through. So, Which platforms do you like using? Which platforms do your target customers prefer and/or use most when engaging with you?

What is your style and your business’ style? Basically, which communication mode is most appropriate to explain what you do: video, audio, photography, written words?

Weed down all the social accounts you can have to those that are the best fit for your business and for you. Then,

2. Plan ahead

You can do everything on the fly but the huge task that is ‘marketing your pet business’ can be more manageably broken down into two segments: action and reaction. Action basically comes down to consistent posting. Pick a day or time of the week where you can sit down and plan out the content of your posts. Then, use any of the many scheduling websites to automate posting at optimal times. But remember, an ‘optimal time’ is a combination of what research says would work best for you and what you have found works best for you.

Now, the reaction phase happens as your followers and clients react to your content. That’s where ensuring you receive notifications on your phone and/or email is crucial. Take those few seconds to thank a happy follower and to politely address any discontent. It is called social media for a reason.

3. Do a little at a time

Engagement with potential or current clients doesn’t have to be a 2+ hour dedicated session once a week. Engagement can happen when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or between appointments or when you have a 5-minute gap in your day. I personally love reaching out to other Instagrammers as I sip my morning coffee.

4. Get support from a team

Coming up with a witty Twitter post can be very challenging. No one was actually born with an instruction manual on how to sell things through Facebook. You may find that your business has also grown to the point where you simply don’t have the time to do your company’s marketing. Growth is good, awareness of your business’ needs is good and adding a marketing expert or team to your business can make all the difference.

Speak to our team today at, your revamped marketing efforts are just around the corner!

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