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Proactive, Not Reactive = Business Success!

There are a multitude of blogs, seminars, podcasts and various other reading materials on how to effectively run a pet business. One important consideration is if your business strategy is either proactive or reactive.

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We wanted to outline some helpful tips that can guide you to ultimate business success. Remember, our StreetDog team experts can dig a little deeper and assist with any of your specific needs or goal you’d like to achieve!

Reactive business strategies respond to unanticipated events after they happen. For example, waiting for business profits to decline before investing in marketing and promotions. Or as another example, a manager choosing to act only when a complaint has been received. Companies who operate under these models run the risk of losing out on business and even damaging their reputation.

Operating as a proactive business strategy typically anticipates potentials flaws, challenges or issues before they happen. By acting on them before they become detrimental to the success of the company or brand, you can be safe in the knowledge that all bases are covered – so less nasty surprises!

For example, instead of waiting for profits to decline, you can introduce a marketing and promotions team to handle your online presence. Instead of waiting for a customer complaint, a proactive strategy could include analyzing a customer journey and ensuring that all needs are met during your clients/customer experience.

By putting in the work now, and continuing to do so, you are actively taking control of your brand. You give yourself the power to make vital decisions, instead of responding to situations that are out of your control.

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It is important to remember that no pet business can be proactive in every situation, but by putting steps in place, you ensure that you are prepared in instances that are out of your control.

For more information on the next steps you can take, drop us a email at, our team is always on hand to help!

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