Refresh Your Marketing Plan For 2020

With the holidays approaching, your to-do list is probably just as long as ours. So, how do you update your pet business’ marketing plan without having to reinvent the wheel? Here’s our top suggestions to start 2020 on the right track:

1. Recentering on your target clientele

This is a great time of year to look back on who you were targeting and who were your most important repeat customers. There’s no shame if you realize that the reality of the year is different than what your expectations were. You now have valuable information at your fingertips, and this is a great time to start acting on it. Here are some great questions to consider, to get the ball rolling:

  • So, who are your most valuable customers as a group? Merge them into one person, give them a fictional first name and describe who they are.
  • Let’s say you called her Jen. Now, does she shop online or in person? Does she read the newspaper or magazines or blogs? Which social media networks is she on?
  • How can you, in 2020, help Jen learn more about your business and help convince her to use your services or buy your products?

Jen can easily be an individual consumer or the owner of a business you want to deal with. It’s just important to find and communicate with the person behind the capital or the wallet.

2. Creating new targets

If you had set targets in 2019, it’s time to dust them off and compare them to how your year actually went. Then, set yourself new, challenging yet attainable objectives. It can obviously be about increasing profits every month, but it can also be about increasing your business’ social following or increasing the amount of repeat customers.

3. Branch out

A new year is a great time to research how to build a community of pet businesses and people that can help you grow as a community.

  • What weaknesses does your business have? Do you not have someone on your team that’s an expert in marketing? Does your website need a serious makeover? Is your social media networks essentially inactive?
  • What is preventing your pet business from expanding? What collaborations would help your business grow?

But, if there’s one takeaway from this article, it’s this; marketing and the holidays have one important thing in common. It’s truly about the people around us. So, what better time than the holidays to reach out, say thank you and build some new, important bridges?

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