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Social Sites – Which one is right for you?

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We regularly receive emails from business owners, who feel overwhelmed when trying to choose the first business social media platform. The question asked most is which social networking site is right for them? From Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram, Pinterest to WordPress and YouTube to Snapchat – the list continues to grow!

As advances in the digital realm continue to reach new heights – so does the introduction of new social media platforms. Remember, quality is far better than quantity, so choose one or two and focus solely on the success and growth of those before adding in anymore.

As you establish your posting schedule and successfully share consistent content -your target audience will grow organically. Once you’ve established a strong readership with good levels of engagement – you can then slowly introduce a different platform.

The current most well known sites are Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. We suggest that your business should be represented on at least one of these sites. A large portion of todays demographic is connected via social media – making it nearly impossible to operate without an online presence.

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Here’s a brief overview of each of the top three social sites. The best bit? They are all free to set up!

Facebook is currently the most personable social site around – allowing users to add information about ones education, work, relationships and location. Ad campaigns are used effectively across Facebook and can target a select audience within an age range and town or city.

Twitter is essentially a micro blogging platform – users vary from celebrities, the President of the United States, adults and teens! Posting on Twitter enables you to really refine what message you’re trying to get across – you do have a limited number of characters after all!

Instagram is a visual channel that lets business’s use their creative flair and innovative ideas to catch the eye of users. Instagram is hugely popular amongst photographers (naturally), celebrities, travel bloggers and social media influencers – including pup-fluencers.

You also want to be able to link your new following from one of the elite social sites to a website. Your website should be professional and host all relevant  brand information, contact details, client testimonials and of course, an overview of your products and/or services. By driving traffic from social media to your website, you draw potential customers from around the world to one place.

Okay – you’ve chosen the perfect social site for you, and now start to feel completely lost? Don’t worry, because that’s where we come in!

We offer services such as online media management, website creation/monitoring, commerce marketing and much more. Reach out today at and discover which package is right for you!

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