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Start The New Year Off With A Bark!

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Tis the season of holiday shopping, getting ready to spend time with family & friends and thinking about New Year’s resolutions. So, where do you want to take your pet business in 2020? Here’s our suggestions to get your year started… with a bark!

Use the holidays as a time for research

The holidays might be a busy time of the year… but it’s not all go go go. Take some time to recharge by curling up with that marketing book, or perhaps do a little online research. A New Year could mean learning how to use new tools… that can help your business grow.

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Create a list of New Year’s goals

Take the time to review how your pet business did in 2019. Celebrate the successes (perhaps with family, friends or those you work with) but also set your new horizon.

1. How many more clients do you want in 2020?

2. How many sales?

3. What new marketing ideas do you want to implement in the new year?

4. Do you want more of an online presence? Dream big then start coming up with a plan to get there.

Look & Think Outside The Box

Now, a new year can mean exploring new opportunities that you simply haven’t had the time to consider yet. Ask yourself these questions and be honest:

What was your biggest challenge this year? What can you try this year, to overcome it? If you added one new person to your team, what kind of person would they be and why?What is holding you and your pet business back?

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They’re tough questions but they can be the stepping stone you need to get to success.

We’d love to hear back from you if our tips helped you and if marketing is one of your 2020 challenges. Turn this new year into something exciting and pawsome!

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