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StreetDog Marketing: Who Are We?

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StreetDog Marketing was founded by our Creative Director, Stephanie Dumont. With the pet industry bursting at the seams, Stephanie knew there was a gap in the market. And so, StreetDog Marketing was created – a pet focused marketing agency with a difference.

With a clear plan, and her sights set on success – she worked hard to build StreetDog into the well-known brand it is today. With a feature in the Toronto Guardian, a partnership with PIJAC Canada – StreetDog continues to go from strength to strength.

Our Team

Our StreetDog team consists of talented, experienced and inspirational individuals. With online strategists, experienced writers, media & marketing experts – feel confident that we have the perfect building blocks to help your pet business soar.

We currently help a whole variety of pet businesses achieve their business media & marketing goals. From social media management to writing blogs, curating eye-catching content to capturing unique photography, website management & maintenance, email marketing campaigns and more – we’ve most certainly got your business covered. There will always be hurdles to overcome when running a business. Remember, above all that there’s a reason you’re on this epic journey to business success. StreetDog Marketing can help take your pet business to the next level. Stay true to your brand ethics, morals and core values while revamping & rejuvenating your marketing efforts.

Our Packages

To make the decision a little easier, we’ve worked hard to refine our packages. Pick from one of our four (and an extra custom build option) great package options. To find out more and understand which one is right for you – check them out at We’ve tailored each package to suit a range of pet businesses. We understand that not all businesses need the same level of help. From the complete novice to the marketing pro – we’ve got something that can help.

Let’s Chat!

We understand that handing over part of your business feels like a big step!

Don’t worry – our team are always on hand to talk you through everything we have planned – every step of the way. StreetDog Marketing was born and founded on a foundation of passion and determination, so we understand the blood, sweat & tears it takes to make your business succeed. We’ve been there – and have come out the other side.

If there’s one thing we know and understand, it’s how important your business is to you. Call us – 416 508 0133 and set up a consultation for a time that is convenient for you.

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