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The Benefits of Business Blogs

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Have you ever wondered how adding a blog post to your business website, can actually help increase website traffic?

There is real benefit to adding a blog to your company website. Not only do blogs give your potential customers more in-depth content to read – resulting in customers spending more time on your website, they can also be used as a platform to promote new products and services. A fresh source that readers can learn more information about your business as a whole, is always a great way to freshen up your marketing efforts.

Blog posts also have another important role in pioneering the success of your brand. Remember blog posts are a direct representation of the standards of your company. Any grammatical, spelling or mis-information written can reflect poorly on how professional your business comes across – especially to those not already familiar with your brand.

An important thing to understand when introducing a new business blog post is, you must set out the frequencies readers can expect when new posts will be posted. Readers are creatures of comfort and will lose interest with sporadic posts, instead they prefer to know when to expect their dose of information.

This could be weekly, fortnightly or perhaps monthly. Regardless of the selection, for the business blog to be effective, it needs to be consistent. Setting expectations will help your readers understand when they should check back to read the newest blog post – which will in turn result in a readership growth.

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An added tool to take into account when introducing a new marketing tool, is utilizing already established audiences. Sharing a link to your new blog post via social media accounts, is a great way to use your already established audiences and direct them to your blog posts. You can post links on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even utilize sharing links via Instagram. Always remember, by producing high quality, consistent writing samples, you set the precedent of the overall standards of your business.

‘Blogging for business’ is one of our premium services offered here at Street Dog Marketing. We have a team of experienced writers on hand, who are able to write blog posts that align with your brand voice, company values and high professional standards.

To schedule your free no-obligation consultation with our marketing experts, simply drop us an email at Our team are on hand to talk through our marketing packages and help tailor a plan that suits your business needs!

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