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The Importance Of Scheduling Posts

It’s that time of the week again when our team, work hard to teach pet business owners those small tricks – to keep ahead of the game! This week, we help you understand why auto-scheduling posts across social platforms – is crucial.

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As pet business owners, time can be one of the most limited resources you have. It’s important to set aside time each week to schedule posts across your social platforms. Each post needs to be creative, interesting and encourage engagement.

Feel confident in the knowledge that your online presence is covered – even when your focus is on other important tasks.

With advance planning and preparation, you can focus on other areas of your pet business whilst your pre-scheduled posts are being shared at the most optimum time for your target audience.


In order to keep your target audience engaged, it’s important to remain consistent and engage with your followers. Choose a posting schedule and stick with it – once you have decided on what works for you and your pet business, it’s important to continue to track engagement, traffic and overall analytics. Mix things up and continually learn from your social site analytics. If this is an area that you struggle with, don’t worry – StreetDog can help!


Pssst! Do you know which platforms business owners use? We’re here to lift the lid for you – the industry experts often use programmes such as HootSuite, Sprout Social, Airtable & Tweekdeck. Each of these apps/programmes will allow you to begin to manage your profiles all in one place.

Here at StreetDog Marketing, we understand that building a strong online presence is hard to get just right – especially in the digital age! Luckily, we have a ‘custom-build’ package that allows you to tell us what you need the most help with. Schedule your free consultation with our team at to discuss how we can help.

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