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The Importance Of Social Media In Pet Owner Decision Making

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Social media continues to grow in size and importance. Quite simply, you need to be where your target audience and customers are, and they are on social media.

Over 4 billion people are active on various social media platforms, and those numbers continue to grow. The use of social media platforms has spiked as people have been home under lockdown orders around the world. In 2020, Facebook and Instagram had a 40% increase in usage, active sessions on LinkedIn went up by 26%, and TikTok emerged to be the most downloaded app of the year.


Social media is not just growing passively; it is becoming a real economic force. 87% of consumers say social media helps them make a buying decision. Social media is now the first place customers will go when they are making a buying decision.

Beyond easy access to information, pet owners turn to social media for trusted recommendations, putting more faith in posts than product advertisements.

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Join a dog breed-specific Facebook group, and you will quickly see the same topics come up over and over again; “what food should I feed?” or “where can I get the best dog bed?” or “what harness is best for this breed?”. People seek advice on every aspect of pet care, recreating the social connection and personal recommendation they would have previously satisfied in person.

  • 62% of connected consumers believe what they see in social media more than a brand’s advertisements
  • 70% of consumers believe customer opinions compared to 30% who trust advertisements
  • 63% of social media users feel consumer ratings are the most important factor when making a purchase decision


Your future customers are also paying very close attention to what other consumers are saying about your brand and products; it’s critical that you’re paying attention as well. Positive or negative, reviews can be crucial to your product’s success.

  • 57% of engaged and socially connected consumers write reviews every week
  • Among them, 65% would share a positive experience with a brand, and 78% expect a reply from companies


SDM Social Posts 7Your social media plan needs to include social listening to understand your perceived brand image, rapid response to both good and bad reviews, a way to reach your target audience, and compelling, engaging content.

The StreetDog team can help you develop your digital presence, manage your social media platforms, and generate the content that will get noticed. Talk to us today about how we can help you grow your pet business.

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