What Makes Pet Marketing Different?

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Did you know that nearly 60% of all homes in Canada have either a cat, dog or another type of pet, as part of their family? Owning a pet comes with great responsibility to keep them healthy and happy. To achieve this, pet owners need to provide essential health care, dietary requirements and also keep them entertained and motivated!

The key to effectively market a pet business is understanding what pet owners need. Communicating your pet product or services to your prospective customers in a fun, interesting and eye catching way is the first step to a successful marketing strategy.

Pet marketing strategies need to capture the attention of a diverse target audience –  pet owners.  The helpful thing to remember is that your customer focus all share a common interest in caring for their pets.

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Typically when you purchase a product or service, you make choices based on the price and quality – but pet owners will also consider the health and happiness of their pet. As a pet focussed business, you can utilize this common interest to your advantage, and share relevant products and services that will appeal to a wide variety of pet needs.

The way to successfully market your pet business is to be passionate about the goals you wish to achieve as a brand. If your values are honest and align with your customer’s want for their pet’s wellbeing, you can build strong rapport, resulting in organic relationships with your clients.


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