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We open our homes, hearts and families to our dogs and it’s easy to see why. It’s no secret that our four legged friends enhance our lives in so many ways. So, our team at Street Dog Marketing put our heads together and decided to make a list of life adjustments and of course, the benefits of owing a dog!

We explored some of the ways that we go above and beyond for our canines, and, what drives us to do so!

A Life-Long Commitment

Deciding to own a dog means you take on a commitment. Not just for Christmas, not just for a week, a month or a year – but for a lifetime. Owning a dog is a long-term, long lasting commitment to look after a dog to the best of your abilities. And we said yes! We said yes to a new friend, a new family member and a new companion. After deciding to commit to taking care of our dog, we ultimately said yes to a new lifelong friend.

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Learning To Be Patient

Training a puppy can be a daunting task – even for the most well prepared of people! One lesson that you will quickly learn is how to be patient. From ‘sit’, to ‘stop’, to ‘come’, you’ll hear yourself repeating these words multiple times a day! Don’t worry though, you’ll also be able to say ‘good dog’, ‘well done’, and ‘you did it’. A pat on the back for you and your dog!

Adjusting Your Daily Routine

Many people say that owning a puppy shares several similarities to having a child. And we have to agree! A puppy requires constant attention, love and, is a huge responsibility. Your daily routine is severely disrupted – from sunrise to sunset; you need to take into account the needs of your dog.  The benefits? Unconditional gratitude. Dogs might be unable to speak but boy can they tell you how they’re feeling! From wet nosed kisses to tail wags and smiles that span from ear to ear – a day isn’t complete without affection from your grateful pup!

Meeting Specific Dietary Requirements

Learning the specific dietary needs of your dog is essential to a healthy, happy pup! By taking into account their age and breed – you can begin to understand what to feed them. Spending time researching the dos and don’ts will educate you and keep your dog safe. Remember, avocados, grapes, chocolate, garlic and onions are all dangerous for dogs!

Health Upkeep

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But, what about the vets? Owners will know that it doesn’t take long to fall in love with our pets and, the thought of anything happening to them – would break our hearts! We take a vow to look after our pets health needs from paw to paw, ears to tail – and everything in between. This vow means preparing ourselves financially (and emotionally) in the event that our dog needs to visit the vets. The benefit? Keeping them around for as long as possible – brings a whole new meaning for our fulfilled life!

Life As You Knew It, Will Change Forever 

This is a good thing! If you’ve never had a dog, you’ll never understand the love you can feel from having a dog in your family. There will be hard days, easy days and quite frankly, confusing days. But one thing is for sure, your heart will be full!

We hope our team helped shed some light on the benefits and sacrifices you make – when choosing to bring a new pet into your lives!

This blog post was written by your friends at Street Dog Marketing!

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