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Why is Photography important?

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First impressions count. Not only in our personal lives but most importantly, in Marketing. We have roughly three seconds to catch the eye of our consumer!  To express our company values, great products and awesome ethics in such a short time seems impossible! We have all had the same experience. You’ve been scrolling through your daily news feed – not entirely certain of what you’re looking for, just certain that you’re looking for something. And, we can tell you exactly what that something is – you’re looking for something stop-worthy!

It’s our job to stop the scroll-happy people of the world, long enough to read the carefully curated and crafted copy we’ve put together. The hard part? You literally have three seconds to capture your consumer and let your post, or ad, speak a thousand words.

So, how do we achieve this? Well, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest (to name just a few) all have one thing in common. We are here to lift the lid on the common theme that the elite social sites share – and that’s the ability to use photos in posts to sell products, of course! Photographs CAN speak a thousand words. They can relay what your product is, what it looks like, where it’s from and much more!

There is a direct link between using high-quality images in marketing and the increase of sales. The reason for this is that professional photographs truly help consumers visualize themselves, or their pets, using the products that they see in the photographs.

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Photographs play an important role in nearly everybody’s life – they not only connect us to our past, but they can remind us of people, feelings and even take us to places we’ve never been before!

Social media platforms are used everyday by millions of companies, as a stage to market products and services. The only limit to using photographs as a powerful marketing tool, is your ability to be creative and the extent of your imagination.

Here at Street Dog Marketing we have limitless imagination and creativity, we pride ourselves on supplying original, unique and extraordinary photos for all of our clients. Email us at, for your free consultation.

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